Friday, 1 December 2017

Wonder Movie Reflection

WALT: write a reflection on a movie based on a little boy named auggie.
 Today We Just Watched an amazing novel/movie called Wonder.

Lets start from the beginning,Back in term 2 we as Room 10 From TPS started reading wonder, an amazing and interesting book that tells a story about Auggie Pullman, Who has a Facial Deformity that is similar to Treacher Collins Syndrome. He is starting 5th grade at a new school called Beecher Prep.

He is different from all the other students and kids. But what makes him stand out is his amazing knowledge and his journey through his first time at school. He challenges through bullying and staring a lot throughout the year. The Pullman Family go through a lot through the year but always stuck together as a family. It was an amazing movie and i recommend people to watch the movie and trailer

My Favourite Quote in that movie and book was If you had a choice between being right and being kind, choose kind.

My Favourite Actor/Person is Auggie, Because he is intelligent, even though he gets bullied he always have the will and motivation to get through them and always keep learning. Auggie pullman is an amazing person,even if he has a facial deformity, He still is an amazing,smart and independent student. He is as normal as anyone else.

The Book and Movie similarities are quite identical but also different. A lot of the scenes are different in the book.

For example,  in the book at the Nature reserve Jack,Auggie,Amos,Miles and Henry are in a little argument with 7th grades out in the woods  at night. In the movie they are out in the woods but in the evening where the sun is still out. It is incredible that things change from the book and movie.

This book is inspiring and heart warming to people that have a similar syndrome to auggie. it shows them that even if there different, everyone is different in an unique way, No one asked to get anything from the life cycle everyone goes through but receive it for a reason. Being different is unique and amazing. People just look at it different, But once they meet the person its more then it seems.

The Movie and book is inspiring and I love it.
Please watch the movie and book. It will really change your mindset.Image result for wonder

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  1. Hey there Curtys, my name is Billy and I am from the Summer Learning Journey programme. I hope that you will be blogging with us these summer holidays and learning a bit about New Zealand's history.

    I am yet to see this movie but I have heard that it is really good but also really sad. What did you think of it? What is better - the movie or the book?

    Thanks, I hope you to hear from you soon!